In Always Go, Girish Gupta, a recent British physics graduate, follows his dream to become a foreign correspondent, jumping on a plane and ending up in Venezuela. He knows as little about Venezuela as he does the news industry, but, undaunted, the scrappy self-starter hustles hard, freelancing and rising to the top of his profession. Venezuela turns out to be one of the most undercovered and tragic crises on the planet. He gets up-close to Hugo Chávez as the maverick president dazzles supporters, covers the strongman’s death, and then witnesses the country's collapse under Nicolás Maduro.

Girish punctuates his work with trips around the world, from diamond-mining villages in the Amazon to rubble-strewn warzones in the Middle East. His multimedia reporting—published everywhere from the New Yorker and New York Times to the BBC and Reuters—reveals multi-billion-dollar corruption, electoral fraud, and military secrets. But his idealism and scientific rigor increasingly clash with an industry whose planks of objectivity and truth he finds trumped by ego, politics, and ignorance.

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